Wavelength Stabilized 1064nm / 1030nm DFB Laser Diode Mini-Butterfly Module

The II-VI Laser Enterprise CMDFB10xxA wavelength stabilized high power single mode laser module features an on chip distributed feedback grating stabilization. Capable of peak powers up to 800 mW for a pulse width as short as 100 ps, and a spectral line-width well below 200 pm, the 10xx DFB seed laser enables highly efficient pulse amplification and improved frequency conversions to green and UV wavelengths. Chip and package are optimized to support sub-nanosecond and picosecond pulse operation, enabling short pulse fiber laser operation with a direct modulated seed laser. Operating with these short pulses improves the quality of material processing and mitigates the common SBS (Stimulated Brillouin Scattering) problem with pulse fiber lasers that occurs above 10 ns. In CW mode, the seed laser module delivers 200 mW of optical power with a 3dB line-width of 150 kHz and 50 dB side mode suppression ratio.


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  • Fiber laser systems
  • Frequency conversion
  • Spectroscopy


  • Wavelengths : 1064 or 1030 ± 2 nm
  • High output CW and pulse power: 200 and 800 mW, respectively
  • Short pulse <500 ps modulation
  • Lateral and longitudinal single mode
  • Polarization maintaining single mode optical fiber
  • Internal thermoelectric heat pump and monitor diode
  • Hermetically sealed 10-pin mini-butterfly package
  • High reliability


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